That Shallow Fellow

I’m not new to blogging.  Nor do I have out-sized expectations about it. Perhaps it’s simply an inevitability for me.

Back in 1996, before “blogging” really even existed, I taught myself perl and later php, all in the service of creating what, had I been gifted with foresight, I might have recognized as one of the first group blogging platforms.  I probably should have tried to seriously develop, distribute or even monetize it, back when such simple things were new and cutting edge.  Instead, I was simply enamored with the idea of .plan files, and looking for a way to keep in touch with far-flung friends.  Since then I’ve blogged on and off under various silly pseudonyms on a host of different subjects with varying success and attention, left my little blogging community behind, and radically relocated myself in time, space, love and career.

It’s time for a new start, and this go-round, I’m out simply to:

  • Finally blog under my own name, with all the implied dangers of public ridicule and embarrasing exposure
  • Create a tiny little-soap for myself
  • Make writing a daily habit
  • Enjoy life

Like so many other blogs, That Shallow Fellow will probably end up being my platform for petty posts on my adventures in DC, media, politics, philosophy, science, and skeptical thinking.

There are many like it, I know.  But this one is mine.


~ by Drew on 2009/04/13.

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