Bill Donohue’s Shocking Sorority Party Mishap

The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue is characteristically apoplectic today about all the gay families invited to bring their children to scramble about for Easter Eggs on the White House lawn:

Gays at an Easter Egg Hunt makes as much sense as two men showing up at a sorority party. They don’t belong. Who says? Nature.

As someone who’s read quite a lot of books on concepts of natural law, both religious and secular, I have to say that this is the very first I’ve heard about a natural law, divine or otherwise, governing sorority parties, let alone Easter Egg Hunts. Nor can I recall any segment in David Attenborough’s Life on Earth series that covered the delights of giraffe-sorority beer-pong competitions.

Of course, there are plenty of examples of gay animals in nature, even ones that raise young together. Humans, however, remain the only species to paint chicken embryos and then hide them amongst daffodils, so I suppose that we’ll have to leave it up to humans to figure out exactly what the precise rules are that govern such activities.

And on that score, there’s the little problem of Easter Egg Hunts essentially being for, well, the kids, who Donohue’s ilk seem to perpetually forget even exist. Whatever your views on gay parentage, it exists, end of story. And it thus helps to remember that Donohue’s position here is essentially to say: “Sorry Tina, but you can’t come play with the other children because you have the WRONG MOMMY!!!

Later on, we find out that Donohue’s vision of “natural law” is drawn from the peculiar authority of the Hallmark corporation, whose dictates Donohue apparently believes are mandatory and binding.

Next month we will celebrate Mother’s Day. Kids who have two fathers will be excluded from celebrating it. In June we will celebrate Father’s Day. Kids who have two mothers will be excluded from celebrating it. That’s the way nature works: it excludes people who don’t fit in.

No no Bill, that’s the way high school works. “Nature” generally eats the ones that don’t fit in… which is why we try not to look exclusively to the animal kingdom, or high school cliques, for lessons on how a pluralistic society made up of adults should operate.


~ by Drew on 2009/04/14.

2 Responses to “Bill Donohue’s Shocking Sorority Party Mishap”

  1. I have to agree with you. Though I don’t know anything about religion, or nature, or gays, I DO KNOW that these hunts are for the kids. On the other hand, if you actively seek out the kids of same-sex couples to include, are you not using the kids to make a political statement?

  2. Inviting gay couples specifically is definitely a political statement, and Donohue has every reason to be against what that statement says.

    I happen to support that statement of course, and they are doing it primarily to make clear that gay families are as fully recognized as any other, given that they’ve been ignored in the past. But you’re right that it does involve the Obama folks taking a stand on the issue.

    I don’t really agree with Donohue that it’s necessarily a matter of the Obama folks “outing” themselves on the issue of gay marriage per se. Obama may or may not secretly support gay marriage. But at least for the time being, this inclusion is not going to make proponents satisfied with his lack of public support for it, at the very least.

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