Best/Worst Twitter Clips + Snarkback, 4/16/09

Patrick Ruffini, on Twitter: “This is creepy. A Census worker comes to my house just to ask address and is now standing in front of the property taking notes.”

Given that it’s primarily Ruffini’s own party (the GOP) that supports a physical, person-by-person investigatory census instead of (way cheaper and arguably even more accurate) statistical methods, isn’t this an example of Ruffini creeping himself out?

NRO’s Kathryn Lopez on Twitter: I had a Nancy Pelosi citing (sic) uptown today. Teaches me to go above 34th street

Yep, they’re all grammar nazis up there. You’re not invited.

Ana Marie Cox on Twitter, covering the rollout of the new First Dog: Now think Obamas were just making shit up re: Bo. “They herd fish.” “Apparently they like tomatoes.” “In German it means ‘a whale’s vagina.”

Thanks to the dangerously insane Isabella Rossellini, who’s busy being “species-specific so I am not screwed by a bear…” on her new Sundance Channel series “Green Porno,” I think I’ve had my fill of hearing about whale vagina, thanks.

Jim Leher, on the Colbert Report: “Boring people have feelings too!

Sure, sure: boring feelings.


~ by Drew on 2009/04/16.

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