Astounding Gingrich Lie about Jesus/Allah Court Case

In an interview with Christianity Today, Gingrich claims that an Obama-nominated judge once ruled that it wasn’t okay to make paeans to Jesus and official part of government business, but was fine with doing the same for Allah. That would indeed be astoundingly bad… if it were anything close to accurate.

In the same interview, Gingrich also recycles the claim that Obama speaking without Jesus’ name above his head is a sign that the Obama administration is actively trying to secularize American society. This sort of dissembling is nothing if not vile. Even if you buy the already dubious premise that the was somehow a dis against Christianity (as opposed to simply an attempt to create a Presidential backdrop), there’s a huge difference between the conduct and symbolism of a government office and what anyone wants for American society in general, which is what Gingrich coyly implies. Plenty of very religious people support a strict separation of church and state: for the benefit and freedom of religious practice, rather than its ruin. Gingrich is too smart to be doing anything other than deliberately trying to mislead people by erasing the distinction.


~ by Drew on 2009/04/22.

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