NYC Terror Plot Looking Flimsier, Even as an Example

Since I read so much into the recent announcement that the FBI had foiled a plot to blow up planes and synagogues, I figure I ought to cop directly to the way recent revelations in the case have altered the picture. It turns out that the 4 men were hardly hardened Islamists: they were angry and anti-Semitic, but also clueless potheads who seem to have been as greatly egged on and bribed into the plot by the very informant that exposed them.

As such, this is a pretty lousy example for my gushing about the merits of “goodwill” theory. I still fully maintain that increased goodwill for the US can have all sorts of benefits in terms of early intelligence and just people being more willing to come forward and watch our back. But that case is going to have to be made with far stronger examples than this one.


~ by Drew on 2009/05/26.

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