Drudge is a Sneaky Fellow: Queen Snub Meme

queenfurorHa. Conservative news-aggregator-in-chief Matt Drudge is currently featuring a headline noting that the Queen is furious at being left out of recent D-day celebrations.

Drudge knows his audience well. Without actually mentioning Obama, the headline coyly plays off the previous “Obama snubs Queen by giving her and iPod” furor, and as with many of Drudge’s carefully couched headlines, you have to actually read the story to find out that this latest “snub” has nothing to do with Obama, but rather squabbling between her and Britain’s prime-minister. Right-wing blogs are already running with the story, following suit by implying some sort of ongoing theme in Obamas’ conduct towards royalty (they bow to the Muslims, but reserve inappropriate touching for Britons)

Of course, that original controversy was itself an excellent example of headline hokum: all the breathless sneering over the Obama’s supposedly insulting and goofy gift (she already has an iPod!) neglected to leave out the fact that the Queen had specifically requested the trifle. Oops.

Wonkette manages to put the scope and tragedy of the whole thing in perspective.


~ by Drew on 2009/05/28.

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