The Only Cable News You’ll Ever Need: TPM’s 100seconds & Awesome Auto-Tunery

The modern dilemma: cable news is unwatchable, but also at least marginally unmissable. If you aren’t up on the bafflingly obtuse things the professional partisans are prattling on about these days, you’re apt to end up totally as to why the country is seriously debating pressing issues like Obama’s moustache.

I’ve found the perfect solution over at Talking Points Memo, where they offer a daily 100second recap, edited for maximum palm-in-face action. It’s the perfect dose of daftness and dread developments at the end of your otherwise blissfully TV-free day.

But if you still can’t handle even that tiny taste of tomfoolery, then at least don’t miss out on Auto-Tune the News: the most joyous celebration of tick-talking headery ever conceived.

The project hit its stride with the second installment, featuring Katie Couric’s environmental a capella breakdown, Sean Hannity meeting his match, and putting the romance back into the gay marriage debate:

The third installment starts slow but then ramps up into a crunked-out Ron Paul, Afghanistan or Pakistan thumping chests for Hillary’s favor, loco Couric Cuba cutups, and a DailyShow-worthy Dick Cheney smackdown. You have to believe, you know!

#4 Sees Sotomayor crashing the Supreme Court sausage-fest and Couric’s lyrical love-letter to lead:

You know that something’s seriously wrong with you when feel an actual rush of emotion as the music swells, the lights come up, and Cuban trade policy bursts onto the dance floor.


~ by Drew on 2009/06/04.

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